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Vintage Hand-Blown Pale Green Glass Pitcher/Vase Timeless Elegance

Vintage Hand-Blown Pale Green Glass Pitcher/Vase Timeless Elegance

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Introducing this Vintage Hand-Blown Pale Green Glass Pitcher/Vase, a true testament to timeless elegance. Crafted with meticulous care and skill, this piece showcases the beauty of hand-blown glass artistry from the past.

The pale green hue of the glass exudes a sense of tranquility and sophistication, adding a touch of vintage charm to any space. Whether used as a pitcher for serving refreshing beverages or as a vase for displaying your favorite flowers, this versatile piece is sure to captivate attention and become a focal point in your home.

With its unique hand-blown construction, each pitcher/vase has its own distinct characteristics and imperfections, making it a one-of-a-kind treasure. The delicate curves and smooth lines further enhance its visual appeal, creating a sense of grace and elegance.

Measuring approximately [insert dimensions], this vintage piece is perfect for both practical use and decorative display. Place it on a mantel, shelf, or table to infuse your living space with a touch of vintage sophistication.

This Vintage Hand-Blown Pale Green Glass Pitcher/Vase is a perfect addition to any vintage glassware collection or a thoughtful gift for collectors and enthusiasts. Embrace the beauty of the past and elevate your home decor with this exquisite piece of art.

• Hand Blown Pitcher Vase

Condition: Pre-Owned Good
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